Gender Pay Gap

The Euro Car Parts Group

Euro Car Parts Group trades in the UK via a number of companies, Euro Car Parts, Andrew Page, Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly, Arleigh Group and LKQ Coatings. Our UK and Republic of Ireland group companies are ultimately owned by LKQ inc. As a UK and Republic of Ireland Group we benefit from skills, expertise and talent across all our companies.

As a responsible employer and in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Reporting) Regulations 2017 we have produced this Gender Pay Gap Report. This report covers employees of Euro Car Parts Limited, the main employing entity of the Euro Car Parts UK Group and our separate legal entities of Andrew Page and Arleigh Group*.

This report details employees at all levels, including the executive team. For further transparency, each individual company has declared their figures, along with our overall approach and strategy, as a responsible UK Group of companies.

The four types of figures we are required to report on, as set out by the Government, are as follows:

  • Gender pay gap (mean and median averages)
  • Gender bonus gap (mean and median averages)
  • Proportion of men and women receiving bonuses
  • Proportion of men and women in each quartile of the organisation’s pay structure

*The main trading and employing entities for the Euro Car Parts UK Group are, Andrew Page (which is the trading name of Andrew Page 1917 Ltd (Company no 10403406)), Arleigh Group (Company no 01559541) and Euro Car Parts Limited (Company no 02680212) who are the submitting entities of this report.